The Board

The Exchange Club of New Canaan represent a wide range of professions, from attorneys to consultants, educators to recruiters, bankers to Internet developers.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is inducted at our annual inaugural dinner each June. While the role of President is a one year term, our President also holds duties as the President-elect, and as the Immediate-past president.

Whether entrepreneurs, lawyers, clergy, multinational corporation executives, or other professionals, members of the Exchange Club of New Canaan are drawn together by shared basic attitudes: our love for our families and our country; our respect for human dignity and one another; and our compassion for our fellow man.


  • Jim Bakal – President
  • John Fulkerson – Immediate past president
  • John Doherty – President-elect



Terms Ending June 30, 2023

  • Bill Acker
  • Jim Murray
  • John Stancik
  • Russ Barksdale

Terms Ending June 30, 2024

  • George Benington
  • Jim Hennessy — External Communication
  • Joel Pelzner — Membership Chair
  • David Shea