Promoting pride in country, respect for the flag and appreciation of our freedoms…

Community Service

The history of Exchange’s community service
projects is quite impressive…

Youth Projects

America’s young people are its most precious resource…

Our national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse

While National Exchange has a variety of child abuse awareness programs…

Our Covenant of Service

Accepting the divine privilege of single and collective responsibility as life’s noblest gift

Our Mission

We “exchange” our time and talent through programs of service to our 4 pillars: Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities, and our National Project The Prevention of Child Abuse.

The Exchange Club is a group of individuals who want to make our country and local communities a better place to live for everyone.

We “exchange” our time and talent through programs of service in Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities, and our national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Philanthropically, we contribute our own financial resources and organize
fundraising events to support local charitable causes.


We volunteer both to the community at large such as New Canaan’s Family Fourth Celebration and the Historical Society’s Ice Cream Social as well as to specific undertakings such as the Home Front Project and Clean-Your-Mile Program.

In addition, we have been awarded a prominent position in the line of march at the Memorial Day parade and distribute small American flags to onlookers. We also financially support the Christmas Senior Luncheon at Waveny Castle. Our collective actions help make our community a better place, fulfilling our motto “Unity for Service.”

We primarily raise funds by selling Christmas trees and assorted holiday merchandise and sponsoring our annual Golf Outing in order to accumulate funds for our Grants & Donations Committee.

All of the monies generated by these events are given away primarily for the prevention of child abuse and other programs to help our local and regional community.

We are involved in several social events such as our semi-monthly dinner meetings at the Woodway Country Club​ with a guest speaker from the community. It has also been our tradition to have a dinner with wives or significant others on the last dinner meeting in June to thank our departing board members for their service and to welcome new directors and officers as they begin their terms.

Our Christmas Dinner replaces one of the usual December dinner meetings and is a very enjoyable social evening with joy in the air.