The Exchange Club of New Canaan

Membership Application

Member Obligations & Responsibilities

As a member of the Exchange Club of New Canaan, there are two ongoing commitments that we have and ask that you abide by these requirements while you are an active member of this Club.

Active Involvement

  • During the year, there are fundraisers, community service projects and social events – all of which need membership support. We ask that you choose an event with which you are comfortable and commit to it. Please be involved with our service to others.

Initiation Fee

  • Upon membership acceptance, an initiation fee of $50 is due and payable by the new member along with pro-rated quarterly dues.

Payment of Membership Dues

  • Currently, our dues are $150 per quarter, which includes:
    • Semi-monthly dinner meetings; and
    • Dues to both the National Exchange and CT District Exchange.
  • Invoices are sent via email by our Treasurer on a quarterly basis. We ask you to be mindful of your financial obligation to the Club and pay promptly. You may pay:
    • By Check to the Club’s PO Box 1163;
    • Via the Intuit Payment Network (details in email with invoice); or
    • By Credit Card (at dinner meetings).
  • If you do not attend our dinner meetings, there is no reimbursement of dues.

Pursuant to the by-laws of the Exchange Club of New Canaan, if this application is approved by the Board of Directors and seconded by the general membership, the proposed member will be accepted as a member of this Exchange Club and the applicant and his or her sponsor will be notified of the election to membership. New members are usually sworn in at the next regularly scheduled dinner meeting.

To the Board of Directors, Exchange Club of New Canaan:

The following application is hereby made for membership in the Exchange Club of New Canaan

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